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Dick T.
The site you did for our non-profit helped us server more people more efficiently than we've done for forty years.
Paul W.
One word. Perfect!
You know who (DS)
I've been building websites for people for 20 years but I haven't kept up with the technology. Frontpage isn't cutting it anymore. The work you did for me and the online training we did was great.
Terry Cox
Taking my time to find reasonably priced website creator paid off! I just needed a small easy website to get things going and keep competitive. I hate to admit it but now I have to that the adwords you do for us have had amazing results.
Al McKinnon
We owned several businesses and worked with multiple web designers in the past The price you completed our project for and the speed that you got it done in puts the rest of them to shame. If you give me a bunch of bumper stickers I'll thrown them on all our trucks. Thanks
WIlliam A.
Our firm's site was in great need of an upgrade. We wanted the new site to reflect both the professionalism of our team and the areas of practice our law firm specialized in. Great Job!
Steve Kohler
Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and it is with your company. Doing my own thing with my site for years was a waste of alot of energy and $$$. You were right. The first and best use of my time was not doing my own site. You're the man!
David Locke
Thanks for all, you guys not only have the best service, but you can keep your cool even in the face of something as serious as malicious attacks. I am definitely staying with you .
Richard Hinricks
You guys are amazing!!!!! I know you are probably sick of hearing it but I have never been so pleased with a service since I started web publishing in '95. I admit now that even though i know what I'm doing sometimes it just makes sense to have you do it because of your speed and accuracy.
Martin M
I have been an Alivewebs customer, under various accounts, for about 3 years now, and couldn't be more satisfied. Over the years I have needed assistance with my domains and accounts on many occasions (due to my own ignorance about how some things work), and I very quickly discovered that you folks go FAR above and beyond anything I would expect when it comes to customer service.

Tony Raposa
Great work! Our new tile and coutnertop site is a hit with our customers.
Dr. Mike
The new site for our practice is just what the doctor ordered ... literally. Being able to book appts online from our site has saved us a lot of time and made us more productive.
Richard W.
I couldn't ask for better service, and I just wanted to say once again how much I appreciate you the great work you did for our website.
Stan Williams
Hey, thanks for the website build. The prepackaged car site can be ok but are way to expensive and you got it done with our budget. Very cool
Kristina L.
I usually hate getting assigned projects like this because most vendors have their way of doing things and don't listen well. It was a pleasant surprise that your approach wasn't the canned response. Thank you.
M.C. James
Thank you for the fastest turnaround possible on this size project. The new site is terrific.

M.C. James
Bonnie Chapman
The customization of my site that you've done is a work of art.

Eric C
We love the new website and how quickly you got it done for our group. Merry Christmas to you and your crew!
Ashley D.
You guys really did a pretty exhaustive job on writing manuals for getting up and running on a new training website, including most of the more advanced features, it has helped us immeasurably! We're online and you helped us get there early, under budget and smoothly.
Brian Sylvester
Wow! You guys are FAASSSTTT! I am really impressed.

Much thanks again for offering such a good deal on hosting services. I look forward to a continued business relationship with your company.
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