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Joomla! 5 Page Custom Website
Joomla! 5 Page Custom Website

What this includes:
$350.00 USD
AliveWebs will Provision Server for the Hosting Plan plan you choose. (Hosting is an additional charge)

Our servers Exceed minimum system requirements for all CMS (Content Management System) applications. and include the latest versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc.

PHP runs as suPHP for Increased Security

We will fully install Joomla! or Wordpress and configure it for your needs.

Install One (1) Additional Theme

AliveWebs will create a five (5) page website including Home Page (with your provided content) and up to 4 other pages such as About Us, Customer Testimonials, Contact Us, Login, Google Map, Photo Gallery, Feedback. Additional Pages, Components, Modules and Licensed Software are an additional charge and these are added to the cost of the site. Site(s) are prepared for you to review but will not be made live to the public until fully paid for.

Each page after the first five pages is an additional page and is $60.00 per page. Installation and configuration of additional components, modules, plugins and licensed software above the basic five page site requirements is billed at $60.00/hr.

Software purchased on the client's behalf is an additional charge.